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People whose Sun is impaired they suffer from sweat problem. They have habit of eating more salt/iodine when Sun is weak or impaired. People get more sweat when Mars is impaired or there is impact of Saturn or Rahu on Mars.

Sweat Related Problems - Astro Upay

Sweat Related Problems
People also face sweat problem when there is impact of inauspicious planets on Moon. Moon become weak when one get sweat. It become weaken when their sweat smell. It is the sing of misfortune. In this case, struggle increases in one’s life.

Those who thinks too much or they get fear, nervousness and discomfort; their Moon is impaired. Therefore, they get sweat in their palm. It is the sign of nervousness. Heart becomes weak when one get more sweat in hand, legs and sole. They face serious problem of nervousness at later age.

People who are suffering from sweat in palm and smell and constipation then they have to be alert. Because it indicates that Mercury is giving bad impact along with Moon. They might face heart and muscle problem at later age.

Getting sweat on head or forehead is the sign of impaired Mercury. In this case, one should do such remedy to strengthen Mercury. People who get more sweat behind the ears they are very emotional. In this case, you should emotionally support them. Their mind becomes weak due to stress. Their memory power decreases. They are restless and hyper.

You should do meditation when you get discomfort, stress and nervousness. You should take control over your emotions. One gets more sweat while speaking. This happens when mercury is impaired. You should drink plenty of water. If you are suffering from constipation along with sweat then you should wear Rudraksh.

Take one teaspoon Mulethi and boil it in one glass of water. Drink it when it becomes cold. Do not take too much stress and worry. You can eat Harade.

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