Phobia in Children's - Astro Upay

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People get phobia when Sun is impaired. People get phobia from any famous or government officials when his Sun is impaired. Moon creates too much fear. Moon is the owner of our emotions and imagination. People get fear from unknown things when there is bad impact of Ketu, Rahu, Saturn and Mars on Moon.

Phobia in Children's - Astro Upay

Phobia in Children
One should be alert when he gets fear due to Moon. A person might become victim of compulsive disorder. People get prosperity on later age when Moon is weak in horoscope. People get fear of height, strong wind, vehicle and dark.

Mars creates fear of fire. A person become more alert when there is conjunction of Ketu and Mars. Mercury creates fear of failure. People get fear of examinations and interview. They don’t have confidence due to weak Mercury.

Jupiter creates fear of defamation. A person becomes more alert. People become victim of inferiority. They become more alert in food habits. When there is conjunction of Venus-Ketu then it creates fear of separation. Venus and Ketu create fear of beauty. Saturn creates fear of animals.

You must do meditation to get rid from phobia. You should seat in front of the mirror and meditate on the middle of your forehead. Take root of ashwgandha and tie up in grey color thread. Wear it on Thursday or Saturday.

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