Lack of Attention in Children - Astro Upay

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Every child does mischief. When his mischief increases then you should check if he is not listening to others. If he is not seating 2-3 minutes with patience then you have to be alert. There are several disorders starts from childhood.

Lack of Attention in Children - Astro Upay

Lack of Attention
When Mercury is too much strong and it become retrograde or Mercury affects main planet or Mercury is main planet and it is affected by Rahu, Saturn or Mars. In these cases, child won’t pay attention to others. Child’s concentration would be zero.

If Jupiter Mountain is upward or Mercury Mountain is moving or Mercury finger is going outside then child have tendency of Mercury. Their concentration level decreases. Their sky element is strong and earth element is weak. They live in their own imagination and won’t accept reality.

Gas and acidity are the cause of mental disorder. You should know the nature of child and do such remedy. Child can intake Amla, Shankpushpi, Brahmi and Guggaji under the medical advice. The child become calm and he can get rid from gas and acidity. It also reduces discomfort.

You should intake Amla daily. Take root of Brahmi and Shankpushpi; tie up in red color thread and cover it in your child’s throat. It increases concentration level and child will concentrate on the work. You can also intake Amla and Shankpushpi with fresh water at night.

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