Importance of Idol in Your Life - Astrology

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People have the one motive that they want to achieve god. But you won’t achieve god in straight way. You find difficulties on every way. People get success easily if they get support from an idol. No one can achieve god without an idol. An idol makes life easy and help people to achieve god.

Importance of Idol in Your Life - Astrology

Importance of Idol
Usually we understand that an idol gives us education. Actually he performs his role in partial way. An idol is who relieve us from the rituals and help us to achieve god. There are several terms & conditions for an idol. There are main 13 terms & conditions such as calm, dant, kulin, vinit, shuddhveshvah, suddhachari, prestigious, suchirdaksh, sudbhudhi, aashrmi, dhyannisht, tantra-mantra visharad, nigrah-anugrah.

You should follow your idol’s direction and instructions. An idol never wants any other thing except his followers well being. Disciple has to fulfill his idol’s basic needs.

You have to seat your idol on highest bench. Wash their legs with water. Offer white or yellow color flower on his foot. After that give them white or yellow color clothes. You can also give him fruits, sweets, and donation. You have to do this regularly. Keep faith on your idol and follow his instructions.

People get an idol when they actual desire for absolution. Lord Shiva is the main form of an idol. If you don’t have an idol then you can assume lord Shiva as your idol and celebrate Gurupurnima. You can also assume lord Krishna. You can select the image of lord Krishna seating on lotus flower.

You can offer flower, sweets and donation to lord Krishna or Shiva. You have to pray them to accept you as their disciple.

Remedy: A person would be intelligent if Jupiter makes him spiritual. A person would be demonstrator if Venus makes him spiritual.

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