How to Improve Mangal Grah?

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In Sanskrit, Bhom means Mangal and Pradosh means Tryodashi Tithi. Whenever tryodashi tithi occurs on Tuesday then it is called as Bhom Pradosh. On this day, you can worship lord Shiva and Hanuman. You can get rid from every dosh by worshiping lord Shiva. You can get rid from enemies and debt by worshiping lord Hanuman. You can get maximum benefit if you do fast on this day.

How to Improve Mangal Grah?

Mangal Grah
You should determine to do worship on morning. Keep image of lord Shiva on northeast side. Offer flower, incense stick, lamp and dainty to lord Shiva. Seat on Kush bench and chant Shiva’s hymn. Pray to lord Shiva to help you to get rid from problems. You should feed poor. You get more benefit if you do this worship in Pradosh Kaal.

Light a lamp with Jasmine oil in front of lord Hanuman on Bhom Pradosh evening. Offer dainty of Halva-Puri. Chant Sundarkand. Worship to get rid from Mangal dosh. Donate Halva-Puri to poor people.

Wear red color clothes and worship lord Hanuman in the morning. Offer red color flower necklace to lord Hanuman. Light a lamp in front of him and dainty jaggery. Offer triangle piece of copper to him. Chant Sankatmochan Hanumansthak for 11 times. Donate jaggery to the children and also intake little part of it. You can cover your throat with triangle piece of copper in red color thread or you can also keep it with you.

Light ghee’s lamp in front of lord Hanuman on Bhom Pradosh night. You can keep one or nine batti in it. Offer laddoo in the same amount of your age. Chant 11 rosaries of “Hum Hanumataye Rudratamkay Hu Fat”. Donate laddoo to the everyone.

You should go to Hanuman temple after sunset on Bhom Pradosh day. Offer complete adornment to him. However, do not offer silver. Chant Hanuman Chalisa and do Aarti. Feed poor people according to your affordability.

Remedy: Never clean your home with broom after sunset. It increases poverty. It is very beneficial brooming before sunrise.

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