Connection of Mind and Astrology

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Moon is the main factor of mind. Mercury also affects mind in some way. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are also relates with mind. Fourth and fifth house in horoscope relates with mind. At times, tithi and constellation also affects mind.

Connection of Mind and Astrology

Mind and Astrology
When Moon or Mercury are weak in horoscope then mind gets ups-downs. When Moon is in exalted sign or center places are empty then also mind gets ups-downs. Mind get disturb due to weak food habits and sleep disorder. Mind get disturb when there are web of lines in palm.

When Moon is strong and it has good impact of auspicious planets or Mercury is strong then mind remains stable and strong. Mind become strong if auspicious planets are in center or strong Jupiter. Mind becomes stable if you do mediation or chant hymn, good food habits and life style.

You must have offer water to the Sun. Chant Gayatri mantra morning-evening. You should eat normal and pious food. Keep fast on Ekadashi. You can wear pearl or emerald after consulting astrologer. Do meditation or worship before sleeping.

Remedy: Monday is very auspicious day for small journey and buying vehicle.

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