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Gift denotes respect or emotions towards each other. Sometime, we gift to help someone. You should always take care while giving gift. Wrong gifts create problem in your relations. 

Horoscope Wise Gift Suggestion - Astro Upay

Gift Suggestion
However, right gift strengthen your relations and also gives you benefit. It is important of gift packing. The packing paper plays an important role.

It is auspicious to gift such things which are used in routine. Avoid gifting decorative items. Gift adornment and beauty products to those who have close relationship with you. Do not gift those products which you receive in a gift. Do not gift glass or Tajmahal stuff in love relationship. Avoid gifting god-goddess idol.

You can gift pen or book to your elder or an idol. You can gift fragrance, beautiful clothes and flower in love relationship. You can gift clothes, home stuff and sweets in marriage. 

You can gift silver stuff in progeny. Husband-wife can gift watch to each other as it is very beneficial. You can gift chocolate or music stuff in friendship. You can gift fragrance candle or watch to broken relations.

Aries: You can gift beauty products and fragrance. 

Taurus: You can gift sweets. 
Gemini: You can gift decorative idols. 
Cancer: You can gift electrical or electronics items. 
Leo: You can gift shoes, belt, purse or vine. 
Virgo: You can gift pen, book or lamp. 
Libra: You can gift chocolate, sweets and drinks. 
Scorpio: You can gift jewelry or fragrance products. 
Sagittarius: You can gift electronics or pots. 
Capricorn: You can gift silver stuff or light products. 
Aquarius: You can gift wooden stuff or jewelry. 
Pisces: You can gift plants or books.

Remedy: You should pack the gifts in normal way. Otherwise, it increases problem in your relations.

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