Kids Behavior know via Palmistry

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Is your child Naughty? Is it creating problem? How to know that your child will create problem or not.Here is guide of palmistry, read hand lines of your kids and know about his/her behavior.

Kids Behavior know via Palmistry

Your child will create problem for you if his mind line is as shown on the above figure. If the fingers are knotty, hand is thin, the middle portion is downward then your child would be very naughty. He/she won’t listen your advice. If his heart lines stops under the middle finger then he is very harsh. If child’s fingers are short compared to hand then child would be naughty.

If Mind line is as shown on above figure and it has no spots and not downward from the middle then child won’t be naughty.

If Mind line is breaking as shown on the above figure then your child does not receive your communication. He doesn’t have emotions and sensitiveness. If fingers are thin and mind line is breaking then you have to such remedy. In this case, mother should teach children. You have to show things by your gesture.

You have to take your child that he doesn’t have gas in his stomach. Do not give them juicy food. Do not give them junk food.

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