How to Perform Prayer? - Astro Upay

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Prayer means express or to say your mind and heart thoughts to god. A person tries to fulfill his or others desire by prayer. Crecy, hymn, meditation and chant are the different form of the prayer. 

How to Perform Prayer? - Astro Upay

Perform Prayer
It works on micro level. It converts you according to nature and mind’s problem. Sometime prayer from many people works easily. It makes quick change in nature which also changes your luck.

Prayer regarding business or transaction won’t give you success. People who cannot control on food and conduct their prayer also won’t work. Prayer won’t work if you do not give respect to your parents and an idol. God do not accept your prayer if it will create problem in the future. Unreasonable prayer also get reject.

The right way of prayer will change your future. You must have to do prayer with clean and easy way. You should do prayer in easy way so that you can tell your thoughts/will. You can do prayer in calm and peace atmosphere. It’ll easily accept. You should do pray in private area and on certain time. Never do prayer to harm others or unreasonable prayers. If you’re doing prayer for someone then first memorize him/her and then start praying for him.

You have to sit in private area and keep straight your backbone. First, memorize your dainty, an idol or god. Then start praying. Keep your prayer secret, do not tell to others. Keep repeating your prayer whenever you get time.

Remedy: You can worship of lord Shiva with white flower on Monday & Friday. You can get rid from problem of not getting married.

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