Blood Group and Astrology - How Both are Related

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Whatever we eat it mix with our chemicals of the body and reacts. It differently impacts on our mind and body. Every person has special diet according to his blood group. 

Blood Group and Astrology - How Both are Related

Blood Group and Astrology
A person body’s food demand is different because its structure is different. If we eat according to our blood group then antigen and lectins increase the immune power. Our body becomes strengthens.

O: They have high amount of acid. They have strong digestion system. Eggs, beans, Rajma, arabi and sag suit them. But oil, potato and milk products don’t suit them. It is seen that people whose owner is Saturn and Rahu have “O” blood group.

A: They are sensitive. It denotes the supremacy of Moon and Venus. It is better to eat veg food for them. You must have to eat fresh and natural food. It is very beneficial to have fruits, vegetables and pulses. Do not intake non-veg, alcohol, vinegar, pickle, pepper, spicy-oily food and cabbage.

B: It is the strongest blood group. It denotes supremacy of Jupiter and Saturn. You can eat every food in balance amount. They like to eat milk and milk products. However, you have to avoid sea food, ice cream, wheat products and eggs.

AB: It is made from two types of antigen. It denotes supremacy of Mercury or Rahu. It makes body too much stronger or weakens. Their digestion system is disturbed. They like to eat sea food, liquid food and juicy fruits. However, you have to avoid tea, coffee, corn, peeper and spices.

Remedy: Do not pour oil on Lord Shani’s image. It is beneficial to light a lamp or donate oil to poor.

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