Change Behavior and Improve your Luck

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Our behavior directly relates with our conditions. Our planets conditions affected by our conduct. Good or bad behavior directly affects our planets. Due to planets effect it impact on our luck. Sometime our conduct changes our luck.

Change Behavior and Improve your Luck

Speech: Speech relates with our family life and wealth/prosperity. We face financial problems due to bad speech. Sometimes we might face sudden accident. You must have to offer water to the Sun. You can also get instant benefit by chanting Gayatri Mantra.

Karma: Our conduct and karma relates with our business/job. If our karma and conduct is not good then it directly impacts on our business/job. He always faces problems in his life and doesn’t get stability. But if you change your conduct then the problem will remove in your job. You must have to do meditation in morning-evening. You can get more benefit by worshiping lord Shiva.

Responsibility: Responsibilities directly relates with our problem in life. People who doesn’t perform their responsibilities they face problems in their life. Person remains busy in his problems. You must complete your duties and responsibilities. You can do fast on Ekadashi. You can also pour water in the plant.

Help: If you’re wealthy and does not help others then you’ll face mental problem. You might be remaining alone/isolated in life. You’ll get more benefit if you help others. You must have to spend some time for god. Your compassion become strengthens. Your luck will increase.

Remedy: You should avoid taking debt on Tuesday. However, try to pay your debt on Tuesday.

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