Jyotish Upay - Amir Banne Ke Jyotish Upay

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It is necessary to do worship, measures and proper hard work to become rich. You should keep patience. It is not easy to get what is not in your luck. It is necessary to have confidence. But if your main planet is weak then you won’t become rich.

Jyotish Upay - Amir Banne Ke Jyotish Upay

Amir Banne Ke Jyotish Upay
You should think before investing your money. You should reserve some money for your family. If you have less money then you can do small business. However, weak Ketu and Moon does not let you start the small business. You should not become greedy.

You should keep in mind your age and needs while preparing the plan. You should do business which is suitable to your luck. Do not trust too much on your partner. People having weak Moon and luck should avoid doing partnership. Make a note of your plans. Keep trust on your inventions and luck.

Due to weak Saturn or Rahu a person faces loss by doing incorrect work. It is advisable to invest some money along with earning. Do not depend on anyone. If you have strong Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn then you will get good money.

If you have small line which comes from life line then you will get good money. If your Sun line is little long then you will earn good money. If Mercury line is long and meets to luck line then it makes you rich.

You should light a lamp with cow’s ghee near to the basil plant at Friday evening. Keep urn in Bharani constellation and worship it daily. You can also keep urn in Gurupushya constellation with the help of idol. You can wear ring which is made from three metals. You have to serve cow. You can devote your income to god. You can do tilak of milk and saffron. You can keep Shri Yantra in your home.

You can chant “Om Mahadevyai Cha Vidmahe Vishnupatnyai Cha Dheemai Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat”. You have to start chanting this mantra on any Shukal Paksh till the 1 year. Do not start chanting this mantra when Venus or Jupiter is retrograde. Eat vegetarian food during this year. You can stop this mantra if you get sutak and start when it is over. 

Do not start chanting this mantra during eclipse or Rahukal. Keep 8 urn on 8 sides surrounding goddess Lakshmi and lord Vishnu. Offer mishri and basil sacrament. Light ghee’s lamp and incense stick. You should offer Panchamrut to goddess Lakshmi and lord Vishnu.

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