Hair and Astrology - Connection of your Hair and Astrology

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Mars-Rahu directly impacts on hair. Hair denotes your personality, future and planets conditions. Color of hair denotes your body’s creativity.

Hair and Astrology - Connection of your Hair and Astrology

Hair and Astrology
Such males whose hair start falling down at the age of 22 and 24 they will get marry after the age of 28. The style of hair fall denotes the marriage style. If your hair falling down from the left and right side and goes behind then you will get marry at the age of 30-32.

If your forehead is big and flat then you will get marry at the age of 28, 30 or 32. In women, if their forehead is big then they will get marry after the age of 33.

If your stomach or forehead or neck remains warm then hair fall occurs. In this case, do not have heat and sweat on the body. You can keep Shikakai in the water and wash your hair with it in the morning.

Take 1 liter mustard oil mixing 10 ratti coral. Boil it for one hour. Let it be cold and fill it in glass bottle and keep it sunlight on wood for 7 days. Do massage with this oil every night before going for bed.

You can plant banana tree and serve them. You can intake coconut, saunf and mishri 5-6 times in a day.

Keep Amla, Brahami and Brungraj in iron pen. Leave it for 8-10 hours and apply its paste on your hair. You should do this remedy on Wednesday and Friday.

You can drink Gudhal and mint tea twice in a day. Do not add milk and sugar in it. You can press tip of first finger and thumb. You can rub your nails. You should include Amla in your diet.

If you have dandruff problem then you should offer flour to ants. Take 100 gram coconut oil and mix 50 gram camphor in it. Apply this oil before bed time. Try to keep your stomach clean. You can drink water in copper glass.

Take 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 2 teaspoon coconut oil. Apply this mixture in your hair before bed time. Take 25 gram Shikakai and 25 gram dry Amla and keep it in 2 glass of water. Filter the water and apply it on your hair for 30 minutes. Wash your hair after it and apply coconut oil in your hair. Wear gold ring in last finger.

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