Solve your Problems with Planting Tree - Astro Upay

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You can plant papaya tree if you have problem relating to your home. If you have too much problem at your paternal house then you should feed papaya to cow.

Solve your Problems with Planting Tree - Astro Upay

Solve your Problems with Planting Tree
You can use barriers when you have problem in government work. You have to plant barriers tree in jayestha, pushya or revati nakshatra. You can also wear root of barriers tree in your throat on Sunday.

People who plant 5 mango trees their children also get benefit. If you have problem in marital life or have someone’s devil eye then you can do yagna on Shukal Paksh’s Thursday. You have to do this yagna with mango tree wood.

If you get bad dream and you cannot sleep then you have to keep the root of Apamarg under your bed. You can also tie up in your throat in grey thread.

If children’s fat reduces and you do not know the reason then you should take the root of papaya tree in pushya nakshatra. Wear it tying up in yellow, red or white color cloth and thread.

When you are in tension and you do not find any solution then you should peel off one lemon from your head before taking bath. Flow it in running water.

Aries: You can plant Kuchla, Amla and Gular tree.

Taurus: You can plant Gular, Barry and Kher tree.

Gemini: You can plant Kher, Sesam and Bamboo tree.

Cancer: You can plant Bamboo, Peeple and Nagkeshar tree.

Leo: You can plant Nagkeshar, Banyan and Dhak tree.

Virgo: You can plant Dhak, Pakad and Reetha tree.

Libra: You can plant Reetha, Bail and Arjun tree.

Scorpio: You can plant Arjun, Katai and Maulshri tree.

Sagittarius: You can plant Maulshri, Cheed and Saal tree.

Capricorn: You can plant Saal, Jalveshal and Kathal tree.

Aquarius: You can plant Madar, Chokar and Kadam tree.

Pisces: You can plant Mango, Neem and Mahua tree.

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