Solve Stomach Problems with Help of Astrology

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Birth, mind, food and daily routine are the most important factors of the stomach problem. It is very important to know during which circumstances child born.

Solve Stomach Problems with Help of Astrology

Stomach Problems with Help of Astrology
Husband-wife’s mind and thoughts decide child’s future. If mother’s Moon or Mars is weak then children may have stomach problem.

Children may get stomach problem due to medicines taken by his mother during pregnancy. If Mother remains in stress or Moon impact on mind then also child may have stomach problem.

People who thinks too much and work hard their bile would be affected. Acidity increases in their body. Medicine does not affect them until they keep calm for their body and mind.

You do not get rid from diseases until your mind is stressful. If Saturn-Rahu impacts on Moon then it creates gas problem in children. If a person’s Moon is affected by Mars they also face stomach problem.

If the Mercury line is thin and going downward then you may have stomach problem. If there are such lines on Mountain of Sun then it increases acidity in your body. If there are lines on life line then it affects your liver. You may have jaundice. If thumb’s below part is downward then you have to take limited amount of protein and fat.

You can fried the Harade in ghee and grind it. You should eat with water. People having gas problem they should use elaichi in their meal.

If you have such lines in your palm then you should avoid eating stale food. If there are mountains on the life line then you have to avoid such food.

If there is mole or black spot on Mountain of Moon then you can use asafetida in your diet. If fingers are small and thin then you should take walk. If mind line is broken under the Mountain of Saturn then do not eat stale food.

If Saturn’s finger is moving towards Jupiter then you should eat munnaka at night. Take 25 grams thyme, red elaichi and camphor, 10 grams of clove oil, cardamom oil, and 25 grams peppermint and mix all these stuff and keep it in sunlight. Whenever you get pain you can use this oil. You can also use 2 drops of oil when you have gas problem with water.

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