How Worshiping Shivaling can Remove all your Problems

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If you face problem getting child then you can established crystal or Parad image of lord Shiva. Husband-wife should pour cow’s milk on Shivaling. Do 5 rosary of “Namah Shivay”. You can also worship lord Shiva with Dhatura.

How Worshiping Shivaling can Remove all your Problems

Worshiping Shivaling
Many times your work cannot be completed. In this case, you can do sandal tilak on Parad Shivaling and offer water for 1008 times.

When you do not get back of your money then you can prepare Shivaling. Take soil, flour, cow’s mud, flower, jaggery, bhasam, food and Gangajal to prepare Shivaling. Do Panchopchar and worship daily.

The height of Shivaling should be 12 fingers. You have to use Gangajal or water from Narmada River. You can worship lord Shiva with lotus, bail Patra and white flowers.

In the case of Alpayu dosh and Markesh you have to offer Durva to lord Shiva. To get rid from curse you should worship lord Shiva with Shami’s flower.

You should worship image of lord Shiva rather than Shivaling to get married. You can prepare 12 Shivaling and offer water to them. You can add Gangajal or Narmada water in it.

You should worship lord Shiva on the second and third phase of night. To get rid from any curse you have to worship lord Shiva on nishitkal. You can do meditation for peace. You can also do Upanshu mantra.

You can do worship of lord Shiva in Aadra nakshatra, Chaturdashi or Pradosh.

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