Food Habit and Astrology - Astro Upay

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Check out how your Food habit is related and connected with Astrology and your Horoscope. Check what Astro Upay suggest you to do with your Food Habit.

Food Habit and Astrology - Astro Upay

Food Habit and Astrology
If your Sun is weak then you will take less calcium and vitamin. If your Saturn is weak then you will eat more horse gram and sour food. They do not eat on time. They try to take sleep immediately after eating.

People having impaired Saturn drinks more coffee-tea. People having good Mars eat more vegetarian food. However when Mars become impaired people eat non-veg food.

When Venus become impaired people wants to eat more sweet. People prefer such food which increases gout when their body is weak. It increases problem in muscle and vein. Food habits change when there is adverse effect on our zodiac sign.

If there are such lines on the first finger then it may create stomach problem. In this case, you should avoid oily, turmeric and spicy food.

You should avoid eating cold food if Saturn Mountain is downward. You may have joint or muscle pain. If there are such lines under the thumb then you have to avoid eating food late night. You have to avoid cold and sour food.

Your desire power may decrease if you intake more drug. People who complaints more in food they face problem in their personal life. Finding problem in food denotes disease.

People who eat quickly they may become victim of anxiety. People who make noise while eating that it indicates bad luck and weak personality. It is the sign of skin disease and weak heart.

A person who advises more while cooking they face stomach problem. Do not leave food in plates. Do not force people to eat.

If you eat in the adverse nature of your body then you will become victim of disease. Do not eat if you do not want to eat. You should eat such food according to atmosphere.

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