Connection Between your Horoscope and Worship

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Worship means a energy for which we are part and we devote ourselves. We are children of the god and to remember him is worship. You should not become greedy and have doubt. You should walk on the way of god.

Connection Between your Horoscope and Worship

Horoscope and Worship
You should thankful to god. Never argument or complaint to god. You should do meditation, yagna, worship and donation. Worship moves your life from materialistic to spirituality. You should help family, society and children.

If the second place of horoscope is empty then you never do worship with honesty. You should do worship with honesty. People having weak Jupiter they do not worship. They do hypo crate. They do not worship until they face some problem.

A person whose Jupiter is along with Rahu they do deals with the god in worship. They face problems more if they worship. You may get Pitrudosh if you break the rules of worship.

A person may behave hypocritical if his Jupiter is in 12th house. A person speak too much if his Venus in 12th house. They face health issues. They should make an idol before worship.

The Vakri Jupiter of 9th place also creates problems in worship. They always face problem in their marital life. You will get good idol if Jupiter or Moon are in good position.

The first or eleventh place of Rahu or Saturn of enemy sign does not let you worship until threat.

You should take bath before going to worship or temple. You should take control on your thoughts. Sit on the bench. You should use google, camphor, cow’s ghee, wood of mango tree and Kush in your worship. Never worship if you get high light on your face.

Never do meditation in high voice. You have to thankful to your idol. You can start your worship with “Om”. You should thankful to lord Ganesha and do mediation. You can remember your dainty. After that you can chant mantra.

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