Astrology Remedies to Remove Fear - Mann ka Darr Bhagaye

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Do you fear a lot? Do You Scare a lot? Here is astrology Upay to remove Fear from your heart. Mann ka darr bhagane ke jyoish upay.

Astrology Remedies to Remove Fear - Mann ka Darr Bhagaye

Remove Fear
Many times we afraid from such things without any reason. Moon is our mind and it is our consciousness. Mind never remains stable.

Hypothalamus is the main part of the mind which is controlled by Moon. If the Moon is strong then more your imagination power.

A person cannot get good result if Moon is alone and it does not get support from other planets. Many times you afraid when your husband, wife or children are getting late.

Many people scare while driving. The combination of Moon-Ketu creates doubt. A person cannot trust himself. His trust would be removed from the relationship.

If the Ketu’s part on the palm is upward and Moon’s part on the palm is downward then you may face problem. The combination of Moon-Ketu will create doubt.

Do not wear torn shoes and clothes. You should donate them. You can wear silver ring in the last finger on Monday.

Take 50 gram Shankpushpi and 50 gram mishri with milk. Take garlic buds and grind them. Put its drops in your nostrils.

You should chant “Bajrang Baan”. You have to chant “Om Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanumant Hathile, Bairihi Maaru Bajra Ki Kile. Om Hrim Hrim Hrim Hanumant Kapisa, Om Hum Hum Hum Hanu Ari Ur Shisha. Om Han Han Haank Det Kapi Chanchal, Om San San Sahami Paraane Khal Dal. Yah Bajrang Baan Jo Japei, Taate Bhoot-Pret Sab Kaampe. Dhoop Dey Aru Japei Hamesha, Taake Tan Nahi Rahe Kalesha.

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