How You Can Impress Planets by Bathing

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Bath is very beneficial for mind and health. We can take bath from lukewarm or normal water. However, taking bath with special water removes such disease and we can get benefits from planets.

How You Can Impress Planets by Bathing

Planets by Bathing
Sun: You may have bone, eyes and heart problem due to Sun. Your fame and respect also decreases. If you want to strengthen and get benefits from Sun then you should take bath during Sunrise. You can also add saffron, red flower and red sandal.

Moon: Moon relates with mind. You may have mental, depression, sleep, and cold-cough problem due to Moon. You cannot get happiness from mother or woman. In this case, fill water in the shell and take bath. You can also add fragrance flower and white sandal in the bathing water.

Mars: Mars relates with blood and courage. You may face threat, blood, fever and injury problem. You may face problems in relationship, court matters. You also get anger. In this case, you can add root of bail, red sandal or jaggery in your bathing water. You can also take bath with copper urn.

Mercury: It relates with skin and body smell. You may have skin, speech and fragrance problem. You may face ups-downs in financial matters. You can add gorochan, saunf or nutmeg in bathing water.

Jupiter: Stomach problem, hepatitis, obesity and cancer occur due to weak Jupiter. You also have intelligence and arrogance. In this case, you can add turmeric, saffron in bathing water or apply honey on your body. You can also get benefit by taking bath from steel urn.

Venus: You may have eyes, hormone, diabetes and blood disorders due to Venus. It also affects on your character and family life. In this case, you can add elaichi, rose water or white flower in your bathing water. You can also take bath with mercury urn.

Saturn: You may face muscle, fatal accident or handicap problem. It impacts on your business and opportunities in career. In this case, you can add black sesame, Surma or loban in your bathing water. You can also feel water in iron bucket at night and take bath in the morning.

Rahu: It relates with hidden disease. You cannot get solution for the diseases. In this case, you can add Gaumutra, kastoori or sangmarmar in your bathing water.

Ketu: It relates with such disease which cannot cure easily. Usually, you may have kidney, urine or skin problems. In this case, you can add kevada, khash or white sandal in your bathing water.

Extra Remedy: Many people avoid taking bath. Moon and Venus become weak due to avoiding bath. It also affects mental peace and happiness.

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