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A person whose Jupiter is weak in horoscope they do showoff. They do not worship honestly. They do not worship until they face problem. If there is connection between Jupiter and Rahu then person does bargaining with god in their worship. They face more problems even though they worship.

Horoscope and Worship Connection

Horoscope and Worship Connection
People who break the rules of worship they get Pitrudosh. They face problems and conflicts in their home. Ninth place of Vakri Jupiter creates problem after worshiping. Ninth place of Vakri Saturn also creates problem after worshiping. Their life remains unstable between married life and Sanyash.

They get idol if Jupiter or Moon is in good place. A person does worship if the eleventh place of Rahu or enemy’s sign of Saturn. They face problem in worshiping.

There are three times of worship, morning, afternoon and evening. You have to finish your worship in one hour of sunrise. People who worship late they do not get good fruits, disease, mental and physical problem.

You have to worship in the evening. Do not worship at night without the guidance of your idol. You have to do special worship before 9 o’clock.

You have to establish relation with your god. You can sit and do meditation. You have to offer aashan, invite, padmabhisek, jalabhisek. You have to offer Panchamrut. Pour water to him. Offer clothes, fragrance, rice and Sindoor or sandal. You can also offer flower, incense stick, lamp, rice, fruit, butter and sugar. After that, you have to do yagna, chant, Aarti, forgiveness, prayer, meditation and donation.

You have to move your life from materiality to spirituality. There are 5 senses, 5 Kamnedri, 5 Prana, 5 elements and 1 mind which make 21. You have to use middle finger, ring finger and thumb while chanting rosary.

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