Hanuman Bahuk Helps in Health Problems - Astrology

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Hanuman is the symbol of devotion and power. He becomes easily happy with devotion and love. He also saved Lakshman’s life. You can get health benefit by his special mantra and stuti. However, if you chant Hanuman Bahuk then you can get many health benefits.

Hanuman Bahuk Helps in Health Problems - Astrology

Hanuman Bahuk
Hanuman Bahuk was written by Shri Tulsidas. When Kalyuga began and Tulsidas get pain then he wrote Hanuman Bahuk. It is believed that it is very beneficial in health problems. You can get many benefits in pain. It is also beneficial when you have problem of movement. It is beneficial in any or hidden disease which you do not find in your medical reports.

Take Hanuman image which is like he is giving mercy. Also keep lord Rama’s image with him. Light ghee’s lamp. Keep water in copper urn or bowl. First, worship lord Rama. Then do mediation for Hanuman. After that chant Hanuman Bahuk. Last, drink the water which is you kept in copper urn. You can also give it to other patient or apply it on body parts which you have pain.

You can also chant “Om Laxman Prandatraye Namah” instead of Hanuman Bahuk. You have to chant this mantra for 108 times. Sit in front of the lord Hanuman and worship lord Ram first. You have to chant this mantra with sandal or basil rosary for 108 times in morning-evening.

Offer basil leaf to Hanuman before worshiping lord Hanuman. When you finish your worship eat that basil leaf as sacrament. Avoid non-veg food and alcohol.

Remedy: Whenever you worship lord Hanuman, first you have to worship lord Ram. Without worshiping Ram you do not get desire fruits.

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