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It is difficult to do remedy once markesh starts. However, if you start such remedy before markesh starts then you do not get too much problem.

Find Markesh in Horoscope - Astro Upay

Markesh in Horoscope
Whenever second, third, fourth, fifth and eleventh owner’s planet rule then you should do such remedy. Markesh creates disease, accidents, problem with relatives and loss in business.

If there is mole on life line then force of life decreases. Also, there are such lines on life line then it indicates that markesh affect you. It is not good having red spots, black and thick life line.

If such thin line cuts the life line or such line comes from Moon Mountain and cuts life line then you should do such remedy for markesh. If there are moles on Moon Mountain or below the middle finger then it is not good. In this case, you have to do such remedy.

If marshal comes with life line or image of box comes on life line or Mars line come then markesh does not affect you.

During markesh you have to worship your dainty. Do not celebrate your birthday. You can do Rudrabhisek and distribute salty food.

If child born during markesh or balarishtaha yoga then do not distribute sweets. You have to distribute salty food. During the markesh time donate 1.25 kg coal every Saturday.

Do not keep junk items in the home. You have to keep cow grass. If your mouth becomes dry then you have to worship lord Sun. You can offer water to Sun and donate pulses/grains. You can also donate shoes.

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