Astrology Upay for Throat Problem

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Many people have throat problem. In this case, take pottery and add urad and mustard oil in it. Cover it with black cloth. Peel off from your for 7 times and leave it on lonely place. Do this remedy for 11 Saturday.

Astrology Upay for Throat Problem

Throat Problem
Concentrate on purple color and chant “Hum” for 108 times. You can smell light fragrance. You can also use Turquoise, Laajwart or neeli in silver ring in the middle finger on Saturday. You can also wear it in blue color thread tying up in cooper on throat or shoulder.

Take raw Suhaga and keep it in your mouth and suck its juice for few minutes. You can also keep small knot of turmeric in your mouth and suck it while sleeping.

You can eat Mulethi powder keeping in leaf. It removes throat inflammation and swelling. Your voice also becomes sweet.

Take 7 black pepper and 7 batashe and keep it before going to bed. You can also intake 4-5 munnaka by chewing in morning-evening. Do not drink water after eating it. Take valarai’s leaf and keep them in sunlight. When it becomes dry eat its powder.

You can also do massage on the middle of the ring and last finger. Apply mustard oil before doing massage on it. You can also do massage on thumb.

You can drink ginger and basil mixed water twice or thrice in a day. Take clothe and deep it in hot water. Tie up on your throat. Take leafs and grind them. Make its tape and keep it on your throat.

You can also eat mixture of 2 black pepper and 4 grams. You can get relief in throat infection by drinking Kahewa. Boil 5 figs in water and drink it morning-evening.

You can chew saunf in the morning. You can also do Tratak. You can do meditation in the vicinity of an idol. You can do massage of throat and head with cow’s ghee.

Take one teaspoon of Saraswat powder and half teaspoon Brahmi Kirutham mixed in honey. You can keep it in rice ball. Do not drink cigarette. Do not eat acidic food. Never eat curd, rice, milk, fruit and sour food at night.

To avoid diseases you can chant “Om Mrutuybhajay Namah”. To avoid difficulties chant “Om Rudaray Namah” and to solver marriage problem after worship you can chant “Om Parvatey Namah” for 11 times.

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