What to Donate, Which is Important to Donate

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Donation is the form of religion. By donating such things we follow religion and get solution from problems. Donation is very important for safety of life and health disorders. Donation has special important to get rid from life’s other problems.

What to Donate, Why it is Important to Donate

What to Donate
Donation is very beneficial to get rid from problems of nine planets. Different problems can be solved by donating different things. However, you may face some problems if you donate such things without understanding its requirement.

Food: You never get shortage of food by donating pulse or food. It is very beneficial if you donate uncooked food. If you want good name-fame and health then you should donate wheat on every Sunday. However, if Sun is strong in your horoscope then avoid donating wheat. If you have mental disorder then you can donate rice on Monday. However, if your mother and mind is good then avoid donating rice. If you are suffering from blood disorder or court matters then you can donate millet or red stuff on Tuesday. However if you are lazy or in military then avoid donating this stuff. If you have intelligence and knowledge problem then you can donate split green gram on Wednesday. But do not donate if you are arrogant. You can donate split Bengal gram on Thursday to avoid serious disease. But you should donate it to any pundit or in temple. You can donate black sesame if you are facing accident and employment problem. However, you should donate it to the person who is below to your level.

Metal: You have to donate metal in special conditions. You must have to donate this to the person who uses it. You can get high position by donating gold. But if Jupiter is strong then you should avoid donating it. You can avoid disease by donating silver. But if the Moon is strong then do not donate silver. You can win over in court matters and get relief in debt by donating copper. But if the Mars is strong then never donate copper. Employment problem can be solved by donating iron. However, if the Saturn is strong then avoid donating iron.

Clothes: Financial condition remains good by donating clothes. If you want to get patric money then you must have to donate big clothes. Donate new and shiny clothes if your money is wasting to cure disease. If you are facing ups-downs in financial condition then you must have to donate beautiful and durable clothes. You should keep in mind that the quality of the clothes would be similar what you wear. Never donate old and torn clothes.

What to Avoid? People having Aries lagan they should avoid donating sweets. Taurus people should avoid donating Saturn’s donation. Also avoid donating iron. Gemini people do not donate Venus related stuff. Avoid donating green stuff. Cancer people avoid donating Moon related stuff. Never donate gold. Leo people should avoid donating Mars related stuff. Avoid donating land and pottery stuff. Virgo people should avoid donating Mercury related stuff. Never donate milk. Libra people should avoid donating Saturn related stuff. Never donate black stuff. Scorpio people should avoid donating Mars related stuff. Never donate yellow stuff. Sagittarius people should avoid donating Sun related stuff. Never donate sweets. Capricorn people should avoid donating Venus related stuff. Never donate oil. Aquarius people should avoid donating Saturn related stuff. Never donate green stuff. Pisces people should avoid donating Mars related stuff. Never donate red stuff.

Extra Remedy: You should keep round wall clock at your home. Also, set its time before few minutes ahead.

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