How to Please Lord Shani Dev with Different Oil

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Oil is chemical and it relates with Venus. Different oil has different nature, fragrance and color. They also relates with different planets. We can become healthy by using different oil. You can fulfill your desire and avoid many problems. Never use mixed oil. Always use pure oil.

How to Please Lord Shani Dev with Different Oil

Please Lord Shani Dev with Different Oil
Mustard Oil: It can be used in every form. It relates with lord Shani. It is very helpful in Saturn related problem. If you have physical problem due to Saturn then you can apply or massage with mustard oil your body and hair. Do not use mustard oil if Mars is strong in your horoscope. If you are passing from Sade Sati then you should light a mustard oil lamp under peeple tree. If Jupiter is weak then you should use mustard oil in your diet. If you are facing employment problem then you can donate mustard oil.

Almond Oil: It is considered as food, beauty and medicinal product. It relates with Mercury and Venus. It makes face shiny and beautiful. Intelligence and memory power become sharp by using it. If Mercury is weak then you can include it in your diet or apply on your body. You can also use almond oil to get rid from Rahu’s problem. It is very beneficial to drink with milk.

Jasmine Oil: It relates with Venus and Mars. It mainly use for a lamp and fragrance. It is very beneficial to offer lord Hanuman as it relates with Mars. If you have debt problem then you should light a jasmine oil lamp in front of lord Hanuman. You can apply it on your body if you are facing problem in your marital life. Do not use jasmine oil during younger age and educational life. If Mars is weak then you can donate jasmine oil in lord Hanuman’s temple.

Olive Oil: It relates with Venus. Venus becomes strong by using it. You can olive oil if you have diabetes. You can do massage with olive oil if you want to make your personality attractive. Children cannot get illness if you do massage with olive oil. Happiness and prosperity remains in the home if you light a lamp of it.

Rahu: You can use sandal oil if you are facing problem from Rahu. If you are facing health problem due to Rahu then you can use neem oil.

Moon: You can use coconut oil if you have mental stress due to weak Moon.

Sesame Oil: You can mercy of goddess Lakshmi if you light a lamp with sesame oil at your worship place.

Extra Remedy: Never torn marriage ceremony’s invitation card as it weakens Jupiter. You may face inauspicious problem. You can flow them in water.

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