Drinking Habits of Tea-Coffee and Astrology

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A person’s food habits relate with planets which impact on his life. Any liquid denotes a person’s future. A liquid food’s air and taste denotes your future. You can get the best prediction from coffee.

Drinking Habits of Tea-Coffee and Astrology

Drinking Habits and Astrology
Check out how is person's behavior on basis of their drinking habits, hows person who drink tea, coffee and water with help of astrology.Janiye Chai, coffee aur pani ka kismat konnection.  

Tea: People who used to drink strong tea they are lazy. However, they get success without doing struggle. People who like to drink tea having more milk they are beautiful and their life is full of glamor. People who mixed spices such as ginger they do more struggle in their life. People who drink sweet tea they get success in the middle of life. Those who do not like tea they are more sensitive and emotional.

Water: People who like to drink cold water they are clever and weak in character. However, people who drink lukewarm water they are hard working but they face much disease. People who drink less water they are mysterious and lucky. A person who drink normal and more water they get success from lower level to upper level. People who drink mixed water they balance their life in every adverse situation.

Coffee: A person who is going to ask the question he has given the coffee with form. They apply more chocolate on it. They also said to leave little coffee in the glass. They make different images in remaining coffee. Your life will be predicted by those images.

If the image is round then a person get financial benefits. If the image is square then you can get married or child. If the image is like mountain then it indicates you have to do struggle in your life. If the image is like bird-animal then you can get success in your career. If the straight line occurs then it is the mercy of god.

A person who likes to drink coffee their mind is sharp. People who drink black coffee they are moody and related with creativity. People who like coffee’s smell they are romantic.

Extra Remedy: Never chew basil leaf. It has mercury in it. It affects enamel of the tooth.

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