Body Color Analysis as per Samudrik Shastra

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God created every human body different. The face of each person is different. His stature is different. Even the color of their skin is different. Someone has black skin color then other has white skin. The nature and character of the person can be known by its body, texture and deals. This knowledge is known as palmistry or body symptomatology.

Body Color Analysis as per Samudrik Shastra

According to palmistry experts, nature of man can be known from body’s color. There are mainly three colors based on location, nature and heredity. We called it as blonde, Wheaties and black. Based on these, we can assess the nature of any man.

According to palmistry, black people are healthy, strong, hard-working, morose and grumpy. Their intellectual development is reduced so that they are stubborn, aggressive and have criminal tendencies in all the social traditions, values and norms.

In palmistry, women who has excessive black eye, skin, pour, hair, lips, palate and tongue are scripture. This type of women is loyal and gives support till the end. Give full cooperation and fun in sex. They are reliable, excellent guide and sacrifice in love. You can find heat like sun and coldness like moon. That is their property.

According to palmistry there are mainly two distinguish in white color people. The first is a mixture of red and white which we call pink. They are intelligent, ordinary hard-working, studying and beloved ones.

In the second there is a mixture of red and yellow which is called prosody. The native are hard-working, patient, gently, sincere, voluptuous, rich and social. It is seen that the native are sick and have blood-related diseases.

According to experts, the combination of red or yellow color nails, palate, tongue, lips, palmar and plantar cereal woman have good money, generous and blessed.

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