What to Eat and What to Not - Astro Upay

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Check out which zodiac has what to do after having food and what to eat what to not in today's astro upay. Check out which rashi should eat what and what to not.

What to Eat and What to Not - Astro Upay

astrology eating guide
Aries: They like to eat sweets. However they have bile problem so you should eat juicy and cold food.

Taurus: They love to eat spicy and cold food. But you have to eat green vegetables and salad.

Gemini: They like to eat sweets and junk food. However you have to intake milk and milk products.

Cancer: They like to eat hot and spicy food. Sometimes they do not eat and live with empty stomach. You have to intake liquid/juicy food and curd.

Leo: They do not special desire to eat. They intake anything. You have to include green vegetables and salad in your diet.

Virgo: They intake sour and spicy food. But you have to avoid eating too much this food. You have to intake fruits especially guava and banana.

Libra: They like to eat junk food. They eat food fast. You have to include salad in your diet. Eat jaggery after taking your meal.

Scorpio: They like to eat too much food once at a time. They eat too much ghee and spicy food once at a time. You have to include vegetables in your diet and drink water whole day.

Sagittarius: They love to eat spicy and non-veg food. They are fond of food. You have to do fast once a day in week. You have to drink milk.

Capricorn: They experiment on their food habits. They eat everything. You have to eat more pulse in your diet. You can also eat tomato regularly.

Aquarius: They intake more tea, coffee and snacks and avoid meal. You have to maintain the schedule. You have to include papaya and pomegranate in your diet.

Pisces: They constantly eat. They like to eat spicy and non-veg food. You have to control on your food habits. You have to eat one apple in a day.

Extra Remedy: Many people wash their hands in plate after finishing their meal. If you do this, you may have financial problem.

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