Sneezing Myths - Is Good Fortune or Bad Omen - Astro Upay

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It is believe that when you go outside and someone sneeze then it is inauspicious. But it is not inauspicious every time. It affects only when you do not have cold-cough.

Sneezing Myths - Is Good Fortune or Bad Omen - Astro Upay

Sneezing Myths
If you sneeze two or more times than it is considered as auspicious. Sneezing one time is not considered as good. Your work may be affected. You have to go back to your home and seat for 2/3 minutes and then go for your work.

When you go outside and you see different things then it indicates different results. If you see leaf, fish, elephant or funeral then it is very auspicious. If you see milk, empty plates or dust then it is very inauspicious.

If you see flower or necklace of flower then it is also auspicious. If you see inauspicious thing while going outside then immediately you can chant your dainty name or Shiva.

If you see money when you go outside then it denotes different thing. If you see coin in your way then it means it will take time to accomplish the work. If you see note then your pending work will finish. If you see note and coin then your work will complete with someone’s support.

If the indication of money which you get from your way is not good then you should donate it into the temple or poor.

If bird bit on you while going outside then you may have financial benefit. If you keep your leg unintentionally in mud or dung then you may face problem. If you see beggar then you have to donate him as it indicates your debt will finish.

If you forget pen or handkerchief at home then it indicates you may face conflicts in office. If the thing is not auspicious then you have to stand somewhere and eat sweet and drink water.

If you hear owl or dog’s voice while going outside then you may face problem. If you listen cow or frog then you will get success in your work. If you hear someone’s conflict voice then you may face conflict during that day.

If you hear temple bell voice or Shankh then it indicates god will always with you and you definitely get success. If you hear inauspicious voice then you have to go to the temple and see the god.

Extra Remedy: Never wear Coral along with Emerald. It creates skin problems and anger.

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