Which Planets Are Responsible for Profit/Loss in Share Market

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Share market is related with financial astrology. You can check from fifth, eighth and eleventh house about causal benefit. You cannot get benefit in share market if your fifth place is not strong.

Share Market and Astrology - Which Planets Are Responsible for Profit/Loss in Share Market

Benefit and loss decides by Rahu and Moon. Jupiter and Mercury give you big success in share market.

Sun relates with State, mutual fund, wood and medicine. Moon relates with cotton, metal, milk and water related business. Mars relates with tea, minerals, land-property and coffee.

Mercury relates with export-import, banking, education and consultancy. Jupiter relates with yellow pulses, financial sector, gold and brass.

Venus relates with sugar, rice, beauty products, film and chemicals. Saturn relates black stuffs such as factory, industry, iron, petroleum and leather. Rahu and Ketu relates with ups-downs of market, foreign products, and electronics.

The movement, rising or fallen of the planets affect the share market. In addition, eclipse also affects the share market.

If the fifth place of horoscope is strong then you will get success in share market. If Rahu is good in your horoscope then also you get success in share market.

If Jupiter is strong then you can get success in commodity market. If Mercury is good then person become consultant of share market and do good business of share market.

If there is a combination of Sun-Rahu, Rahu-Moon and Jupiter-Rahu then you should avoid share market. If Rahu is in 2nd place then avoid share market. If Rahu is in center then person get success in share market however he will become poor.

Take advice from astrologer and wear emerald or burnet. Chant Rahu mantra morning and evening. Feed small piece of flour to fish on Wednesday and Friday.

Keep shiny blue color handkerchief with you. Wear silver star on your throat on Wednesday.

Extra Remedy: If you are worry due to loss of money then you should do brush with neem wood. You will get benefit.

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