Astrology Upay for Saturn - Shani ko Shant Karne ke Upay

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Sesame found from seeds which has oily nature. Sesame has two types; one black and other is white. Both are same in nature but black sesame is used for Shani. Sesame is heavy in nature, removes diseases and gout and increase hair.

Astrology Upay for Saturn - Shani ko Shant Karne ke Upay

Astrology Upay for Saturn
It increases productive capacity and calcium in the body. Sesame oil is used in worship and Pitru work. Black sesame is used to overcome problem of Shani.

Light a lamp under peeple tree from sesame oil on Saturday evening. You must have to chant Shani mantra or Shani Chalisa. Donate black sesame laddoo or black sesame. It increases your age and health.

If you get condition of accident, court and defamation then you must have to add black sesame in bathing water. Offer water adding black sesame to the Sun. Donate black sesame food on Saturday evening. Chant “Om Sham Kruray Namah”.

If you are facing money or work related problem then take wood of neem or Shami and burn it with sesame oil on Saturday evening. Give 108 times aahuti for 108 times and chant “Om Sham Shaneshwaraye Namah”. You must have to do this remedy after sunset until you get the job. If any bad yoga occurs due to Shani then offer water adding black sesame.

Extra Remedy: You can overcome from any Saturn problems by worshiping lord Krishna. You can also get mercy from Shani.

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