Astrology Interview Tips for each Profession

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Are you going to give Job interview? Here is some Astrology Interview Tips for each profession, how to crack Interview in astrology way. Check and apply this interview tips, and we are sure, that you will crack interview.

Astrology Interview Tips for each Profession

Astrology Interview Tips
Education: You must have to chant Gayatri mantra for 27 times in the morning before going for an interview. Offer laddoo to god. Wear light yellow color shirt or keep yellow handkerchief with you. Eat sacrament of laddoo before leaving the home.

Marketing, Management, Corporate or Private sector
: Offer Durva to lord Ganesha in the morning. Wear light green color shirt or keep green handkerchief with you. Keep Durva which you offer to you lord Ganesha with you. Take some fragrance of it.

Media, Film and Glamor: Offer white flower to goddess Sarswati in the morning. Chant her mantra or pray her. Wear white or pink color cloth. Eat curd and sugar before leaving the home.

Engineer & Technical
: Chant 108 times Shani mantra in the morning. Offer clove to your dainty on this day. Wear black color pant or keep black handkerchief with you. Eat clove with you before leaving the home which you offer to your dainty.

Administration & Public Sector: Offer water to the Sun in the morning. Chant Adityahriday Strot. Wear sky blue color shirt and wear white handkerchief with you. Eat jaggery (गुड) before leaving the home.

Others: Offer laddoo to lord Ganesha in the morning. Chant “Om Ganesha” for 108 times. Keep yellow color handkerchief in your right hand pocket. Eat sacrament laddoo before leaving the home.

Extra Remedy: A person who chant Gayatri Mantra while sunrise and sunset then he will get intelligence, education and mercy of god.

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