8 Remedies for Husband Wife Problems - Astro Upay

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Problems create in married life due to weak Venus and Jupiter. Small problems also create big problem. If you are going to do such remedy for married life then you must have to take care. Do not start many remedies once at a time. You must have to do one remedy at least for 27 days.

8 Remedies for Husband Wife Problems - Astro Upay

Husband Wife Problems
Remedy 1: Wife must have to sleep left side of the husband. You must have to use only one pillow. Do not use different pillow and mysteries.

Remedy 2: Bedroom’s color must be light pink or light green. Do not use dark colors. Do not use yellow or its similar color.

Remedy 3: Husband-wife has to buy flowers on Friday. You must have to buy only rose or white flowers. Do not buy other flowers. Keep these flowers in bedroom.

Remedy 4: Whenever you sleep keep your head towards south or east side. Keep flowing water image on the opposite side. Do not keep god’s image in the bedroom.

Remedy 5: Buy light fragrance perfume on Friday. Husband-wife both have to use it. Never use strong fragrance.

Remedy 6: Dainty white sweet to goddess. After it you both must have to eat it as sacrament. Do not use sour food on this day. You will get benefit.

Remedy 7: You must have to use bed which is from paternal home. Tie up pink thread on its four sides.

Remedy 8: New married couple should wear diamond after taking care of it. If you have problem in married life then you should remove it. Wife can wear gold ring and husband can wear silver ring in any finger.

Extra Remedy: Friday is very good day in astrology. If you buy new clothes and jewelry on this day then you may get this stuff as a gift.

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