Importance of Water in Astrology - How Water Effects your Planets

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Fiver elements are required for life. Water is one of them. Life runs with it. A person’s feeling, capacity also relates with it.Importance of Water in Astrology - How Water Effects your Planets.

Importance of Water in Astrology - How Water Effects your Planets

Importance of Water in Astrology
Water soaks positive and negative energies. The body’s water element makes you powerful and divine. You can remove original and imagination problems by using water. You become healthy and poison free by using water. Water helps you to take control on emotions and makes you spiritual.

You become healthy by drinking more water. You must have to drink more water in a day and less in the night. Do not drink water when you are standing. You must have to avoid drinking too much water once at a time. You can get more benefit by drinking normal water.

Moon and mind becomes strong by saving and protecting water. If you waste or misuse water then you may have mental and financial problems.

Water relates to Moon and Venus. In some amount it is relates to Mars. You can strengthen Moon and Venus by using water. But if you misuse or waste water then it affects Moon and Venus.

You must have to plant flowers in the home. You have to offer water to them. Fill glass bottle with rain water and keep it in your bedroom. You can also drink water in the silver glass. You can put water on your naval first while taking bath.

You must have to take bath both times. You must have to take bath with fragrance water. You can drink water in glass. Do not gift glass to anyone.

Extra Remedy: If you have obesity problem then you have to avoid wearing gold in fingers. You will get benefit by wearing copper.

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