Benefits of Tulsi - Astrology Benefits of Basil

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In eternal tradition god is everywhere. God also lives in river, mountain, stone and trees. Trees have tendency to remove our negativity. Basil also has medicinal and spiritual benefits.

Benefits of Tulsi - Astrology Benefits of Basil

Benefits of Tulsi
According to mythology basil is the wife of lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu has killed someone. After that Tulsi has given curse to lord Vishnu and made him stone. Lord Vishnu worship as Shaligram. The worship of Shaligram god cannot be completed without worshiping Tulsi.

Basil leaf has anti-biotic elements. Immune system become strengthens. Cold-fever and flu cannot be occurring by taking basil. It is also beneficial in serious diseases. The seeds of basil are also useful for fertility. It is believed that basil is surrounding by positive energy.

You can plant basil on Thursday. However the Kartik month is the best to plant it. You must have to worship Tulsi in Kartik month. Also you can achieve your desired result by doing Tulsi Vivah.

You must have to plant basil in compound or in the middle of the home. You can also plant in balcony or bedroom.

You must have to offer water to the Tulsi. You must have to take 7 rounds of it. You must have to light ghee lamp after sunset.

You must have to take basil leafs in the morning. Do not light lamp after under basil on Sunday. You must have to offer Tulsi to lord Vishnu and his other incarnation. Do not offer Tulsi to lord Ganesh and goddess Durga.

Basil leaf never becomes stale. You can use it as many times.

If you have more debt then you must have to offer basil leaf necklace to lord Hanuman on Tuesday. You will get good knowledge by offering basil to lord Krishna every day.

If you add basil leaf in your diet then you will never get shortage of food. You can also wear basil necklace in throat. It gives you positive energy and knowledge.

Extra Remedy: There are two types of basil one is green basil which is called as Ram Tulsi while other is black basil which is called as Shyama Tulsi. Green basil is useful for children while black basil is useful for elders.

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