Benefits of Awla - Amla(Gooseberry) - Astro Upay

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According to mythological situation, Amla (Gooseberry) is considered as gemstone. It is believed that Shankaracharya has converted Amla into gold. You must have to start using it from the month of Kartik.

Benefits of Awla - Amla - Astro Upay

Awla - Amla
You can increase your age, beauty and health by its proper use. Normally it has no side effects. It is known as fruit of young age. If you eat it you cannot become old easily.

There is a good amount of vitamin C in Amla which increase the immunity power in the body. You cannot become ill if you eat it. Your hair becomes strong and rich. Skin becomes shiny and beautiful. You can get relief in blood and heart disorder by drinking Amla juice with honey.

If you financial problem then you must have to offer Amla to god on Wednesday. You have to eat as dainty. You can drink its juice during Kartik month to get good health. You can get relief in diseases and stress if you sleep, take rest and eat under the Amla tree.

If you donate Amla on Wednesday then your mental problems can be removed. You can eat powder of Amla in winter.

You can use Amla in your diet. You can drink Amla juice along with basil leaf. You can plant Amla in the month of Kartik. You will get good money and child. Keep Amla in front of you and chant Kanakdhara Strot. It will remove your poorness. If you have problems of debt then you must have to plant Amla in your home. You have to offer water in the morning.

Extra Remedy: Ninth date of Kartik Shukla Paksh is also known as Amla Navmi. If you donate or use Amla on this day then you can get good health and prosperity.

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