Astrology Remedies for Relationship Failure - Astro Upay

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If you are not getting success in relationships then there might be reasons for that. If reasons are there then there should be remedies for that. There might be problems in your birth chart.

Astrology Remedies for Relationship Failure - Astro Upay

Astrology Remedies for Relationship Failure
If child have sign on the palm under the first finger then he should have good relations. If mountain of Jupiter is upward then they get strong relations. But if is downward then he get relations but it will not get strength. They do not get happiness. If it has point then also they do not get good relations.

If there are spots on life line then a person does not get good relations in their family. If such line stats under the last finger and meets in life line then you do not get support from anyone. They love loneliness.

If Sun-Moon is good then you have too many friends but only few are good. If Jupiter is good then you may have fewer friends but when you need them they will definitely help you. If Moon-Jupiter is good then you can get good emotional support. If Mars is good then also you get good emotional support.

You can keep small ball in silver box with mishri and saunf. You can feed this to your friends. Keep your stove in south-east corner at your home. Do not give seat in darkness to your relatives.

If floor becomes dark then you may get separation in some relations. If dust remains in corners then relations become weak.

You should keep away from yourself from lying. Do not keep broken plates in your home. You can wear iron ring in middle finger and silver ring in last finger.

You can wear 8-9 rati’s beryl in silver pendant in throat on Saturday. You can get good name in society.

Extra Remedy: You should donate flour once in a week if you remain upset/unhappy.

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