How to Protect your Child from Hormonal Disorder - Astrology Upay

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What is hormonal disorder? how to protect us from hormonal disorder? Here is astrology remedies for How to Protect your Child from Hormonal Disorder.

How to Protect your Child from Hormonal Disorder - Astrology Upay

Hormonal Disorder

Hormonal disorder occurs due to disturbance in Moon. Thyroid problems occur due to Jupiter and Venus. Saturn and Ketu create urinal infection. Sun-Mars also create hormonal disorder. Vish yoga also creates problem.

If your index finger, palm, and mountain of Jupiter is big then you should do remedy. You can drink milk adding turmeric in it. You have to do Ujjai Pranayama. You will get benefit by taking walk. Your laziness decrease.

You should feed gram flour sweet to cow on Wednesday. You will get benefit and it removes hormonal disorder.

If you have spot on middle finger or such lines goes toward mountain of Saturn then you should remain happy. Take vicinity of Satsang. You should eat green vegetables. Do not eat too cold and sour food. Do not eat such food which increases fat.
Hormonal Disorder

Do not sleep immediately after taking dinner. You should do fast once in a week. You should eat fruits. You can wear silver chain from mother’s hand on Monday.

If palm is upward and last finger is big then girls may have serious hormonal disorder. You should take medical advice. You should keep your stomach clean. You can eat raisin. You have to wear iron ring in middle finger on Saturday. You have to donate oil and lentil on Saturday.

If last finger is small and it goes outside then you should take care. Drench one teaspoon coriander in water and filter in the morning. You have to drink it. If you feel too much cold then you can eat thyme.

You will get benefit by wearing copper ring in last finger or drinking water in copper glass.

Extra Remedy: If you have problem at your workplace then you can keep root of Anantmul in front of the lord Hanuman. You have to chant Bajrang Bann for 21 times. You have to wear it in red thread on Tuesday.

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