How to Protect Yourself From Demon (Side Effects) - Astro Upay

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You may have effects of some people in life when you do wrong thing. You may become emotionally disturb. Learn from Astro uncle about how to save yourself from side effects of demon.

How to Protect Yourself From Demon (Side Effects) - Astro Upay

Protect Yourself From Side Effects
Many people have dual personality. They have different thoughts in mind and they work in another way. They are conspirator. Those who have side effects of Jupiter or Rahu they are conspirator and does not believe in relations. They misguide you to satisfy their needs. They may destroy your life, relationship, job and business.

If there are spots on mountain of Moon then you may have such people who are conspirator. If such line cut the Sun line then also you are in touch with conspirator. Also if such line passes below the heart line then also you have conspirator in your life. 

Your health, money and business affects with these. If mind line becomes dark and life line goes down then you have to be careful. You have side effects of conspirator.

You have to wear 5-6 carats coral or Turquoise in copper pendant in throat on Tuesday. You have to do “Om Ham Hanumataye Namah” 108 times. If coral does not support you then also you have to wear it from 1 month to 43 days. You have to flow blue or purple color flower in water by memorizing that person who affects you.

When you go to meet this people you can keep mustard seeds in your pocket. You can wear Rakshasutra on right hand. You can wear it on Thursday or Monday.

Special Remedy: Take cotton and deep it in milk. After that you have to spread it on your face. When it dry wash your face with mil hot water to clean your face.

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