Astrological Remedies of Having Good Friends - Friendship Day

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Is your children or brother/sister having bad friends or he/she is growing kid? here is astrological remedies for you to how should be friends of your children. Read the astrological remedies of having good friends.

How Should be your Friends - Astrology Benefits of Good Friends

Astrology Benefits of Good Friends

Children get emotional development from their friends. There are such lines under the finger of Mercury then they get such friends who spoil their image and they have to suffer. If there is such lines on first finger then child get such friends whom he depends too much. They break their trust.

Children whose Mercury and Mars are very weak they do not get good friends. Children does not get good friends due to the effect of Saturn and Rahu on second, fourth and fifth place. The main planet is also responsible for that. Children can do “Om Ram Rahvey Namah” regularly. It will remove the problems.

You can encourage child to make friends and sharing. You can take to the good program and group gathering. It removes his loneliness.

You can discuss your goals to the child and encourage them to achieve those goals. You have to encourage the children to go in their group.

Take 3 Gomati chakra and make one pendant in gold, brass, silver or copper and wear it in throat. You have to use black or white threat.

Remedy: Children should not become too much personal with any friends. You can wear seeds of papaya in black clothes in throat.

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