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Astrologer says that plantation in the home takes greenery in the home and people living in the home remains healthy. However sometimes such tree does not give good result. They also have vastu dosh. Here we will tell you which trees should be plant in home or which not. Also where you have to plant trees.

Vastu Tips for Plantation in House - Astro Upay

Vastu Tips for Plantation in House

According to vrihanshinta which trees should be plant on which side so that it gives good results. Banyan tree in east, peeple tree in west, pilkan tree in north and sycamore tree in south considered as good. These trees give bad result if they are on opposite direction.

Thorny trees near home creates enemy and milky trees lost money. Having mango tree near the home affects child. If these trees are near the home then you have to cut them or plant 2 good trees.

Good trees: Nag Keshar, Ashok, Neem, Maulshri, jack and shawl, laurel, pomegranate, jasmine, Jayanti, sandal, aprajita, mahua, rose, ketaki, champa, coconut.

According to vasturaj vallabh banana, ketaki, jasmine, rose and champa tree is good if they are near to home. But after one clock when their shadow appears it is considered as bad. 

However after three clocks it shadows appears then it is not considered bad.

Bad trees: Pakd, sycamore, mango, neem, peeple, kaith and tamarind trees should not plant near the home as it considered as bad.

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