Zodiac Sign Wise Dating Tips - How to Behave in Dating - Astro Upay

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If you are going on date and you do not know how to behave with your girl friend or boy friend so that they can impress by you. You expect from your special friends that they love you then you have to know his/her birth sign and according to that you have to behave. After that you will definitely get success in your relationship. Let us know how to behave during dating.

Zodiac Sign Wise Dating Tips - How to Behave in Dating - Astro Upay

Zodiac Sign Wise Dating Tips
Aries (21st March – 20th April): If you are supportive, strong and easily express your thoughts then you become best partner of Aries girl. Aries girls are strong and firm but they want love. They want to make boyfriend those boys who are caring. After expressing love once they become honest. During date you have to take them in their favorite restaurant and pay attention also give compliment them.

Boys having Aries sign are chirpy and open minded. Girls do not make first effort to start relations with them. You have to wait that they will propose you first. If you are clever, have different quality and hot then you are perfect for those boys. You have to go in the evening for dating and talk seriously about love so that they do not have doubt that you are doing flirting with them.

Taurus (21st April – 20th May): Girls having Taurus sign are jealous. Do not give compliments for other girls in front of them. If you are firm and have patience then only go for relationship else it becomes worst. Use good perfume while going for dating. Boys impress by the smell. During dating talk about love and do not ask about sport or walk as they are lazy in this.

Boys are junkies of physical beauty for them the girl friend’s mind would be good. The more important is that if you are always in hurry and have habit of finding faults then you do not continue with those boys. Boys take time in love so that first you have to become good friend of them and wait for their proposal. You can go for date on the place where light and music is dim.

Gemini (21st May – 21st June): Gemini girls cannot convince easily. You have to do new or different to propose them. They are clever, sporty, knowledgeable and independent. They do not like to go for marriage so that while going for dating you have to agree in her every matter and do not make planning for future. Their mood can be disturbed. When they disturb take them for a ride so that they can put trust on you.

Gemini boys are independent and easy-going. They do not like disturbance. To become best girl friend you have to understand them. Spent most of the time with them so that other cannot make space for them. Wear evening gown and order their favorite food while going for dating.

Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July): Cancer girls see too much dreams. They are good by heart and take active part in social activity. It is difficult to take them for dating because they think negative first. To impress them give flowers and gifts. Do not talk double meaning or cheap as they become angry. You have to give trust them they are special for you while going for date.
Cancer boys are mature, romantic and protective. Their behaviors are secretive. They love you too much but in the beginning they do not show it. To impress them you have to become lovable and naïve. Do not go for discussion and talk sweetly on dating.

Leo (23rd July – 23rd August): Leo girls are fire brand, smart and religious. Money and carrier is important for them. Their demands never completed. They do not go for true love easily and if they come in relation then they do everything for them. They are not timid. They do not live their partners in bad situations. You can take them in good restaurant in the city. Also talk only about them.

Leo boys are ambitious and self centered who loves to think about themselves. They do not have arrogance and easily share their every matter with you. They take time to understand about love so do not make hurry. You have to become good friends first to understand each other, to know their qualities not for physical looks. Talk more and openly while going for dating.

Virgo (24th August – 22nd September): Virgo girls are smart, beautiful, serious and have understanding. You have to make efforts to impress them and give most of the time. They like joint family so do not talk about separate family else they become disturb. You can take them on classical concert and seat with them by handling their hands while going for dating.

Virgo boys have serious nature and they like to help others. Girls can take benefit of this nature and impress them. If you have patience, lovable, smart and mature then you do not take time to impress them. You have to wear fancy dress of dark colors so that their eye cannot distract.

Libra (23rd September – 22nd October): Libra girls have broad minded thinking. If they talks with you with smile then do not understand that they love you. You have to conform that what she thinks about you. They like gifts so you can gift them on small occasion. If you really love them and do not want to lose them then you have to tell the truth and realize them. You can gift bouquet and love card during dating.

Libra boys have soft nature who loves fashion and cool life. They give more importance on carrier and money so it takes time to impress them. If you want to become perfect partner of them then you have to be smart else you do not stand in front of them. You have to take care of your eye makeup while going for dating.

Zodiac Sign Wise Dating Tips - How to Behave in Dating - Astro Upay

Scorpio (23rd October – 22nd November): Scorpio girls are arrogant, smart and have positive energy. They like everything perfect. They do not give chance to everyone and talks unnecessarily. It is difficult to love them. You have to support them in every matter. They judge you easily. You can become their best friends before propose them. As they are loyal they also want loyalty from you. You have to talk personally else they become angry while going for dating.

Scorpio boys do not like conflicts and always want to do new things. Their partner should be firm; hard working otherwise they underestimate them and do not give respect. You have to show attitude to them. Do not easily convince so that they think there are more who are stylish in the world.

Sagittarius (23rd November -21st December): Sagittarius girls are happy go lucky, positive, active and mature. They always try to make them perfect so that they do not concentrate on others. To impress them good luck is required. They like jolly nature person who lives happy and also make other happy. Do not discuss about others else they become angry on dating.

Sagittarius boys have good nature and do not like inference when they start relations. Their thinking is positive so you have to talk good and positive way. They like different type of foods so they love those girls who make good food. You can go for adventurous game and eat your favorite food.

Capricorn (22nd December – 20th January): Capricorn girls are wise, strong, trustworthy and shy. It is difficult to win their trust. It is also difficult to express your love. Boys may fight with them. You can impress them by becoming good friend, giving gift and respect. If they love you then you have to smile in their every matter. You can go for a match of their favorite player.

Capricorn boys are ambitious and good in nature. They want what they like. It is difficult to love them as they do not care about your like or dislike. It is necessary to realize them what is value of others in your life. Once they realize this they will come to you and express their love. You have to ask over the phone before going for dating.

Aquarius (21st January – 19th February): Aquarius girls have modern thinking and they like culture and traditions. They like journey. They like new things and so they do experiment you have to take advantage of this and motivate them so that they attracts you. If you are wise, talented and educated then they will definitely likes you. You can give flowers to your girl friend so that they become happy.

Aquarius boys are clever, smart and independent. Due to active nature they like to talk with everyone. It is easy to attract and impress them but you have to keep this in mind that they can also attract easily by someone. Do not interfere in their special things. You can wear sexy dress while going for date.

Pisces (20th February – 20th March): Pisces girls are romantic. They know how to love and make happy others. They are good listeners and speakers. They always try to show their partners that they are best in their life. You can talk too much and listen their lovable talks while going on date.

Pisces boys are sensitive and they easily understand everything. You have to take care before engage with them. They do not express their feelings so that you have to take initiative to impress them. They are hungry for love and it is treasury for them. You can win their heart by lovable talks. Do not touch their mobile, watch on dating as they do not like this.


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