How to Use Lemon to Remove Vastu Dosh

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Lemon is the tree which is found easily everywhere. Lemon is the prime source of vitamin C. Even if it is acidic it can remove bile. Other fruits become sweet when they ripe but lemon remain acidic in every situation. It is drug fruit which is used to become food toothsome by people.

How to Use Lemon to Remove Vastu Dosh

How to Use Lemon to Remove Vastu Dosh
Lemon used to remove evil eye in religious work. Lemon can be used in different way to get rid of evil eye and bad effects.

1. If lemon tree is the in home then bad effects does not affect and effect of vastu dosh decrease.

2. When small child has evil eye then he stops drinking milk and start vomiting so family members get worried. In this situation take one lemon and cut it half and keep black sesame in it. Cover it with black thread. You have to peel off this lemon by 7 times from the child. Throw that lemon away from the home. You will get early result.

3. If one healthy person becomes ill and medicines does not affect him then he has to understand that he has evil eye. In this situation take lemon and write 307 with black sign and peel off it 7 times from that person. Cut that lemon in four pieces in such a way that they combined from below. After that throw that lemon in uninhabited place. By doing this remedy person early becomes healthy.

4. To reduce obesity take 250 ml mild hot water and add one lemon juice, one teaspoon honey. You have to drink this everyday in the morning to get benefit.

5. Person who has bad dreams in the night and he cannot sleep well they can keep green lemon under their pillow. Remove that when it dried and keep one green lemon. You have to do these 5 times so that bad dreams cannot come and person also takes good sleep.

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