How to Read Palms - Kaise Padhe Hath ki Rekha Ko - Learn Astrology

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It is saying that there is treasury in one’s line in palms. Such people get attraction who knows how to read palms. Learn reading Palms and lines of your hands, learn astrology from astro uncle.

How to Read Palms - Kaise Padhe Hath ki Rekha Ko - Learn Astrology

How to Read Palms
You don’t need to afraid as today we are going to discuss on few important topics. After knowing it you will also get attractions from other and can know about your luck.

It is saying that there is a Brahma Tirth in our thumb. You should do Tarpanadi in the field of Brahma. There is a place of Pitru between index finger and thumb. One should get good benefits if they do Pitruparn work by thumb and index finger. Each god lives in palm. Goddess Laxmi lives in front of the hand, Sarswati in the middle and Brahma in the origin. One can get saintly by seeing palms and if they see palm in the morning after waking up.

Let us know the prognostic and Hoodoo:

If the color of palm is red then person would be rich. If it is yellow then they have shortage of money. If karagra part is blue then person would be social worker and he might be unhappy. Person whose middle part is upward then he would be philanthropic. If the middle part of palm is downward then person would be affected by Pitru Money.

Different signs and their benefits of palm:

1. Hexagonal (षट्कोण) :- A person who has hexagonal sing he would be rich and landlord.
2. Shell (शंख) :- If there is a shell on palms then person does sea journey. He earns money by export business. He is spiritual.

3. Swastika (स्वास्तिक) :- If there is Swastika on palms then person would be rich, prestigious, does journey on spiritual places and have splendor.

4. Triangle (त्रिकोण) :- Person would be landlord, rich and prestigious.

5.Parasol (छत्र): Person who has parasol sign he might be king or live life like a king.

6.Trillion (पद्म) :- A person would be spiritual, victorious, and king or have splendor.

7.Cycle (चक्र) :- Person who has sign of cycle he would be rich, splendor, beautiful and royal.

8. Fish (मछली) :- Person who has sign of two fishes he does spiritual works.

9. Urn (कलश) :- Person who has sign of urn he travels on religious places, victorious and build temple.

10. Sword (तलवार): Person who has sign of sword he would be lucky and get respect from the king.

11. Flag (ध्वज):- Person who has sign of flag he would be religious, kuldeepak, successful and brilliant.

So, hope you are now learning bit of astrology, use this knowledge and educate others too, happy learning. :)

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