Importance of Holi Colors in Astrology - Astro Uncle

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Holi Festival is heading on 24th March, 2016. Here is something you need to know about the colors, how it harm and how it is benefit you, and the importance of colors in Astrology.

Importance of Holi Colors in Astrology - Astro Uncle

Women's playing holi in india
Color deeply affects on our mind and head. We can give strength to our mind and brain with the help of color. Every child should have red, white, yellow and orange color clothes. They should also have black and sky blue color clothes.

If child is hyper and he gets angry, make noise, throw such things then do not give to wear dark green, yellow and red color clothes. Children who are mischievous and impatience they should wear white color clothes. By wearing white color clothes they become quite and have patience.

If child is happy but have hyper nature then he should wear grey and sky blue color clothes. It gives quietness, patience and increases the concentration level.

Children who are gloomy they should avoid grey color clothes. They should wear red, purple, light green, sea green and sky blue color clothes. Children who are gloomy and do not have too many friends they should wear yellow color clothes. Yellow color gives strength to Jupiter. By using yellow color child remains happy and also start making friends.

Children who have dullness they have to wear green, black, sea green, peacock green and purple color clothes. It increases the perkiness in child. Children whose Mars is weak they should wear red color clothes.

To give strength Venus you should wear pink color clothes. Take pink bottle adding water in that and keep in sunlight after few time you should drink that water which gives perkiness to the body. You may get benefit by drinking this water if you are gloomy and have dullness in your life. It also decreases the stress.

Girls can also wear blue color clothes. To get dynamic personality girls can wear blue color clothes. If they are gloomy and want to achieve their goals then they should wear blue color clothes. They become active and get energy to achieve their goals.

Do not give to wear shiny color clothes to those children who are ill mannered. By wearing shiny color clothes children gets hyper and it also increase the anger. They should wear light color clothes which increase the quietness in them.

To increase the level of immune system you should wear blue and purple color clothes. If child is not short tempered then they can also wear red color clothes. Also if child does not remain happy and have weakness then they should start to wear red color clothes. Red color considered as attraction, energy, husband and fortune.

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