Is your Child Selfish? - Check Astro Upay by Astro Uncle

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if your child is getting selfish in every small issues, it can be big issue. you have to take care of it from now only, here is some astro reason for getting selfish and remedies to overcome from it by astro uncle.

Astrology is the best way to know one’s nature. It helps to find who will become self centered. Whenever main planet affects by Rahu and Mars then child becomes self centered. 

Astro Reason to become Selfish

They cannot think except themselves. If Moon is in Rahu and Saturn’s constellation then child become selfish. Also, Moon comes with Rahu and Mars then also child become selfish.
Is your Child Selfish? - Check Astro Upay by Astro Uncle
If there is a Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mars are on second place then child become selfish. Whenever Jupiter comes with Mars, Venus and Rahu or it is weak then person becomes self centered.

Children whose palm’s are big and fingers are small then child cannot mix up with others easily. Persons who are more selfish they cannot make progress after the age of 48. They have problems in their life. You should give strength to Jupiter.

If the hole of Rahu is deep in palm then even if a person has not selfish nature. It seems to be selfish. They cannot express their emotions and feelings correctly so that people think they are selfish.

Selfish person loss their respect due to their speech. They have to suffer with the loss. You should tie up a string according to your main planet.

Remedies for Selfish Child

You should teach the children to share their views and thoughts with others. Also they have to learn to listen others views.

You should teach the children to share their thoughts with the society so that they can get success.

You should do good measures for Rahu. You should avoid having juicy food after sunset. Children should wake up before the sunrise.

You can also tie up “Bach” or “Sarpokha’s” wood in white string in child’s neck.

You can use white sandal which gives benefit. You should also do measure to give strength to Moon. If children get support from temple, vegetation, birds and idols then they will get benefit.

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