Vasant Panchami - Importance and Murhat Time of Saraswati Puja

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On Vasant Panchami people wear yellow clothes, they eat yellow food. People do worship of Goddess Sarswati. It is also called as Shri Panchami. It is celebrated all over the India. It is also celebrated in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Aaiye jante hai basant panchami ka mahatv.

Vasant Panchami, sometimes referred to as Saraswati Puja, Shree Panchami, or the Festival of Kites is a Sikh and Hindu festival held on the fifth day of Magha (in early February) marking the start of spring and the Holi season.

Saraswati Puja on 2014 Vasant Panchami Muhurta

Vasant Panchami Puja Muhurta = 09:31:41 to 11:44:43
Duration = 2 Hours 13 Mins
Purvahna Kaal = 09:31:41 to 11:44:43.

Vasant Panchami - Importance and Murhat Time of Saraswati Puja
It is important day for children, schools and college. Children, who are afraid of exams, get nervous, also have anger. Due to anger and anxiety they neither study well nor do their work. They can do meditation on this day in front of Goddess Sarswati.

People can also take photo or picture of Goddess Sarswati on this day at their home. Children should make promise themselves relating to their study. You can also do Yagna on this day.

You can take oath in writing to avoid your bad effects. You can take blessings by doing such things in which you are perfect, in front of Goddess Sarswati.

You can spend this day in art or study activities. You can also donate yellow rice or ingredients of khichdi. You should donate this to the girl whose age is 8 then it gives good benefit.

Goddess Sarswati helps to control the problems which arise due to Venus and Jupiter. It also gives knowledge and patience.

Children can do “Om Shri Bhrim Sarswatey Namah” or “Om Sarswatey Namah”.

You can donate yellow flowers to Goddess Sarswati. We always donate yellow flowers to our idols.

There is different importance to donate yellow flower to Goddess Sarswati. It indicates that we want to learn something. On this day we should wear yellow clothes while worshiping.

White color indicates purity. It includes knowledge. If you want to learn Math’s you should get vicinity of Goddess Sarswati.

Swan is the symbol of knowledge and justice. While, Peacock is the symbol of ego and beauty. If knowledge is upper the ego then personality increase however if ego is upper on knowledge then personality would be lost. Lotus denotes knowledge.

You can donate books to poor people. By doing this Jupiter becomes strong.

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