Simple Remedies for Asthma problem - Astro Uncle ke Upay

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Lots of people suffer from Asthma problem which is basically problem with breathing. So, here is astro uncle's remedies for asthama problem with astrological point of view.

Simple Remedies for Asthma problem - Astro Uncle ke Upay

Simple Remedies for Asthma problem - Astro Uncle ke Upay
Everyone does not have Asthma problems. The problem of breathe is related to attitude. Due to attitude you feel breathe problems. There might be possibility of breathlessness.

Another reason for breathe problem is allergy. Many people have allergy due to dust, clothes, color, and make up, special fragrance.

It is not easy to understand the problem of breathe. There are so many external reasons by which asthma occurs.

You should concentrate on palm’s Saturn, Moon and Venus’s lower part. Person whose Saturn’s part is downward or upward then it will affect you in breathing.

Person whose Moon’s part rise above the upper part or mind line comes straight to the Moon Mountain then asthma occurs due to attitude or deep thinking and stress.

Asthma also occurs due to heavy cough in the body. If Jupiter’s part is more upward then also asthma occurs. If health line is breaking or comes straight to the Mercury Mountain then due to allergy asthma occurs.

If you feel colder then you can eat Shitlopaladi, Pippli and Brungraj. You can also tie up Brungraj’s wood in neck. If there is any type of allergy then you can tie up Saunth in child’s neck. You can take lemon powder and tie up in child’s neck.

You can also give thyme water to the child. You can also tie up green, yellow or red string on right hand.

If you feel child have breathe problem and he has weakness in body then take Cinnamon with honey and feed to the children in night. After some time give some water to drink and take him to the sleep. It increases resistance in body so allergy decreases.

Those who have breathed problem they are emotionally weak you should give them too much love and security.


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