Predict Future from Nails - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

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Nails can also predict your fortune and future easily, how will be your health and upcoming time, that we can predict from your nails. do you want to know more about it? check the astro uncle's upay for nails. 

Nakhuno ki banavat se janiye apna swasthya or bhavishya kaisa rahega.

Predict Future from Nails - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

Predict Future from Nails - Astro Uncle Ke Upay
Nails protect our finger. It also increases beauty of finger. Nail gives energy to body. We can know about blood circulation, mind and hairs by nails. You can also know about your luck by nails.

Children who have small nails they have to face difficulty in their luck due to lack of patience. This type of children has to struggle hard in their life to achieve their goals.

If nails are small, yellow and weak then person have to face loss due to their partners. This type of people has to face difficulty due to relations, emotions and partners.

If nails are small, luck line is weak then person have to be aware from their friends, partners and relatives.

If nails are small and broad then person gets success after hard work. They should work hard to get job. This type of people should mentally prepare for struggle.

If nails are long, round and not upward then this type of children leaves their life with comfort.

Person whose nails are long and upward they can easily get success. This type of children makes good progress after the age of 24.

If nails are long and upward then people have to work hard. They suffer from their own tension. This type of people should do hard work, control on their anger and do not be impatience.

If nails of thumb and fingers are different they work in different fields. However they cannot get perfection in any of them.

Girls who have sharp and long nails, also fingers are sharp and nails have pinkness then this type of people get prestige and respect even after less work. This type of girls gets good position in family.

Men who have long and pink nails, slightly big, finger and nails are broad from the above side then type of male get good success in their life. They get good position.

The “Grah Gochar” affects on nails, food habits and each fields. Due to changes in Grah Gochar nail color also change.

If a person has Sade Sati effect then their nail color change from pink to purple. Due to weak moon person’s nail have white spots.

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